Give your athletes and spectators real time scoring data

Leave the scoring to us!

With all the time involved in setting up and running a competition, you don't need to worry about scoring. Let us take the stress out of scoring. Primal Scores takes care of your scoring with an easy to use interface. We all know athletes want to see their scores asap. Primal Scores lets you provide that.

Real Time Scoring!

Scores are upated as soon as they are entered. Give your athletes and spectators instant and up to date results.

Mobile Friendly!

You're ready to start scoring from any computer, tablet or smart phone. Nothing to download or install, no goofy apps, just a browser on a computer or phone!

Unlimited Athletes, Division and WODs!

We keep our pricing simple! Enter in as many athletes as you need in as many divisions you need, there are no restrictions. We keep it simple so you can focus on your competition.

  • Mobile Ready
  • Mobile Screen Shot
  • Mobile Screen Shot

Sell Advertising Space on the leaderboard!

Instead of having your sponsors get drowned out in a sea of vendor tents, offer them the lead spot on the leaderboard. This way the will get their brand in front of everone, including out of town athletes checking in on the scores. We offer the ability to upload a banner ad that will appear at the top of the leaderboard for everyone to see.

Mobile Viewing Ready!

During the competition, everyone checkes their scores via their mobile phones. Our system has mobile phone responsiveness baked right in. No matter what phone is used, the scores will be easy to view

"Checking my score was a breeze. All the data was laid out in an easy to read format." - Peter Finlan

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Trial Version


  • 5 Athletes
  • Unlimited Divisions
  • Unlimited WODs

Standard Version

$3 / athlete or team
$0 / athlete or team *

* with sale of banner ad on leaderboard

  • Banner Ad spot on Leaderboard
    **Sell this ad space sponsors for any price you wish**
  • Unlimited Divisions
  • Unlimited WODs
  • Support for Individual and Teams